Gift Boxes

Finding the Perfect gift boxes

gift boxes are useful for keeping gifts safe and clean. But finding the right gift boxes uk shoppers use for giving or sending gifts is tricky. Gift boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They also come with different types of closures. Here are some tips for finding the right box for each gift.

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The right box size and shape

There's the right box size and shape for every gift. A box that's too large can cause gift items to shift or break inside. A box that's too small or that gifts are stuffed into may rip or tear during shipping. The right gift box provides enough room for the items to be removed easily when opened.

Keep in mind that items of clothing often do better in shirt boxes. Deeper boxes are available for items like jeans, skirts, dresses, and cargo pants. You will want to add plenty of tissue paper to keep items of clothing clean and nicely folder until they arrive to their destination.

When gifts are being shipped, gift boxes should always be placed in slightly larger shipping boxes, for extra protection against the elements like rain, snow, or extreme moisture. If there is any space between the gift box and the shipping box, some newspaper or tissue paper should be placed in the empty spaces, to further protect the gift box and its contents.

Attractive gift boxes uk

When choosing the proper gift box, some people want to use decorated boxes, for a more attractive or festive look. A decorated box may cost a little more, but is often worth the extra cost. As anyone knows, decorative a box at home is time consuming and messy. It's easy to find decorated boxes with birthday, holiday, or special themes. Many decorated boxes come with sequins and ribbon already attached. If you're pressed for time, decorated boxes can be an excellent solution.

Why use special gift boxes?

Going out of the way to choose a special box for a gift shows you care. It can make gift giving more fun for the giver and the gift recipient. Special gift items for a loved one, an anniversary, a birthday, a holiday, or as an engagement gift will be more memorable if placed in an attractive box. It also makes opening the gift a more exciting process. Gift boxes are suitable for most gifts and for any occasion.